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What is Moonlighting and Why You Need It

Moonlighting is a type of landscape lighting in which soft lights are placed in high trees or structures around a property which resemble moon light. The lighting is not as commonly used because of it's difficulty in installation, but when installed the effects are breathtaking for both home owners and commercial properties. If you enjoy late night gatherings, late night walks around your property, or even a late night swim, moonlighting is perfect for your property.


With moon lighting, the fixtures shine down on to the property illuminating the scene. This creates high visibility for your property. The moon's affect is brought to life. Moon lighting offers a soft glow to to your property in which other fixtures cannot. Instead of harsh bright lighting, moon lighting provides a non-disruptive soft light. Comfortability will be at an all time high with these lights. Neighbors won't complain about the brightness, and you can still enjoy the security of being able to see the property.

Cost Efficient

The low voltage LED lights used for moonlighting is relatively cost effective. They produce less heat and last longer. Due to the low energy use, you will see a decrease in the amount of your electric bill. The low heat and energy is also accentuated by the use of brass fixtures that bring heat away from the bulb. With these fixtures your lights can endure extreme weather conditions without breaking. It also takes less lights to give the moon light effect. Moonlights can be placed high up in trees to illuminated up to 40 feet of land. Meaning less fixtures can cover a lot of land.

Enhances Beauty

The use of of downlighting through moonlighting shines light on your beautiful property. It can create a vibe for your property areas and highlight the beauty of the space. Moonlighting can be used in several different ways to fit your vision. Creating shadows and contrasts moonlighting can bring your property to life. Moonlights can make your property very intriguing as soon as the sun goes down. Commercial properties also benefit from this as well due to the ability to set a romantic or relaxing atmosphere for their guests. Commercial properties such as hotels, restaurants, and parks all take advantage of this art of lighting. Moonlighting offers a natural look over an artificial look.

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