Add Safety & Define Your Brand

Great outdoor lighting is essential for a property to attract customers, patrons and visitors. Nighttime visibility additionally adds to safety and security. Custom lighting is an intrinsic way to highlight a property to stand out, be recognized and appreciated.


Multiple market sectors we work with include owners, developers, architects, contractors, property managers, Etc. They acknowledge how outdoor lighting systems work hand-in-hand with architectural design and branding. 


The importance of locating a custom lighting company means you are requiring specialized cutting-edge technology, expert installation and superior maintenance of lighting systems. Who will be chosen is significant. A company that does not specialize in lighting may be selected to design and install a lighting system. Results: products not suited for the site or installed improperly. A lack of product knowledge and expertise can drastically change a location. Redesigning an entire site 'after the fact' can also become costly.  

Lights Over Atlanta perfects our systems and remains on the cutting edge of LED technology. We also manufacture our own products to provide long lasting and best results for permanent lighting systems. 

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Architectural & Security Lighting

Create An Inviting Environment For Your Patrons

Our architectural lighting solutions add definition, beauty and create ambiance, while improving visibility and enhancing a building's security. Lights Over Atlanta works with: 

  • Office Buildings

  • Commercial Businesses 

  • Private and Public Market Sectors

  • Historical Buildings

  • Shopping Malls & Centers

  • Property Management 


We increase illumination and get a structure noticed through:

  • Landscape Lighting

  • Flood Lighting

  • Spot Lighting

  • Wall Sconces and Accent Lighting Decor

  • Post Lighting

  • Signage / Monument Lighting

  • Entrance Lighting

  • Building Facade Lighting

  • Walkway, Patio and Parking Lot Lighting

  • City Streets and Landscape Garden Lighting


All of this is done with our high quality LED fixtures and bulbs which save energy and add value to any property.   

Permanent String Lighting

Create An Inviting Environment For Your Patrons

Permanent string lighting adds beauty, elegance and an ability for your patrons and staff to move around in the space and location. This lighting also provides an invitation of welcoming and comfort while adding safety and security.


We make sure our Lighting Systems last against time and the elements. This is our top priority. We use high quality materials rated for the outdoors and their permanency. Lights over Atlanta also provides regular maintenance packages up and above our standard guarantee.


This removes the care from you and places it where it should be with our lighting professionals.


Our Permanent String Lighting Services Include:

  • Cafe & bistro lighting

  • Patio string lighting

  • Permanent tree mini lights

  • Permanent roof outline lighting

  • Permanent RGB string lighting

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Color Change Lighting

Add to your branding & show support for holidays, special causes, & events

Attracting people to a property is the first priority for many commercial businesses. Good visibility is key and prevents your property from fading into the background.


Interactive lighting offers a new frontier in the lighting industry. These changing lights allow businesses to celebrate any occasion by coordinating associated colors with special events or holidays. Customers enjoy the excitement and festivities of color changing lights, and you will enjoy the increased foot traffic to your property. 


Lights over Atlanta retrofits existing systems or can install new lighting systems to achieve the best displays in Georgia.

Easily Celebrate The Following Events and More:

  • St. Patrick’s Day

  • Cinco de Mayo

  • Fourth of July

  • First Responder Appreciation

  • Military Appreciation

  • Breast Cancer Awareness

  • Christmas

  • Hanukkah 

  • Quonset

  • Thanksgiving

  • Valentines Day

  • Diwali

Christmas Lighting

Commercial Christmas Solutions

Holiday lighting for buildings and businesses have a way of lifting our spirits, along with the heaviest of hearts. When we surround ourselves with the glow of dancing lights we are reminded of happy times. A smile may even light up our face as we relish in the moments. 

Lights over Atlanta is proud of our long list of clientele and the privilege we have had in knowing and assisting them with their holiday lighting design. We are grateful to assist in cultivating feelings of joy, happiness and gratitude, as it reminds us the season isn’t just for children, but the adults who still feel their childlike wonderment inside.