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LED Conversion Lighting Services in Atlanta

Upgrade to LED outdoor lighting for improved cost efficiency.

Converting old Lighting to a new LED Lighting system is one of our most popular services. LED lighting technology has advanced greatly and it expanded lighting options for every lighting industry professional. Lights over Atlanta uses LED on every project and our clients are highly satisfied with the results. An LED upgrade will end the need to continuously replace burned-out bulbs.  LED lighting provides longevity, and lower your electricity costs.
With LED bulbs, we can offer a greater range of angles and power output, so you can paint your property in beautiful light. Converting your outdoor lighting system is also a painless, cost-efficient and effective process. Long term it saves your hard-earned money and creates little to no worries.
Our chart outlines the benefits of all the lighting types and what makes LED a greater long term plan and a financially sound choice.

LED Conversion
Lighting Restoration

Efficient and Reliable LED Conversion Services

Convert your existing lights into an energy-efficient LED outdoor lighting system without hurting your bank account. 

With your budget in mind, our technicians can assess reusable parts of your current lighting set-up to reduce retrofitting costs. Our straightforward and efficient outdoor lighting installation process can further reduce the overall cost of conversion. 


Our Process

Lighting Conversion
Lighting Restore and Maintainance

Why Switch to LED Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor LED lighting provides many benefits. This sustainable lighting option emits very little ultraviolet radiation, benefiting homeowners and the environment. Here are more reasons people should switch to an LED-based outdoor lighting design.


  • Reduced Energy Consumption: LEDs can reduce the lighting load in your home or commercial space by up to 50%. Our team can also provide you with advanced control systems that can further reduce the energy consumption of your outdoor lighting. Additionally, we can also help you save more money by reducing the number of fixtures in your current system.

  • Lower Maintenance Cost: We provide lighting systems requiring less maintenance and longer usable life. This feature extends the time between new installation and retrofitting, which saves you money in the long run.

  • Significant Return on Investment: Businesses that opt for sustainable lighting systems can see substantial returns on their investment through the energy conservation measures we install. Outdoor LED lighting can be used to improve the ambiance of your establishment and attract more customers while ensuring the safety and convenience of all your guests.

  • Seamless Integration: When you sign up for our outdoor lighting services, we can install LED lighting systems that easily integrate into the existing building management system. You can reduce accidents in low-light areas. Create a safer work environment by providing ample lighting in accident-prone locations, ensuring the safety of your staff and clients.

  • Improved Productivity: Better lighting can enhance employees' productivity in various work environments. The lighting systems we provide at Lights Over Atlanta are highly customizable. Your team can adjust the light levels according to their preferences.


Why Choose Our Team?


Your Lights Over Atlanta team aims to provide the best lighting system customized for each property. Our specialists use proven design principles when approaching every project.


We consider the proximity of various outdoor elements, visual flow and continuity, highlighting common regions, improved symmetry, figure-ground elements, and similarity. This approach allows us to create a seamless design for your outdoor spaces, enhancing their value and functionality while boosting your property’s curb appeal.


Here are more reasons to choose Lights Over Atlanta for LED conversion services:


Trusted and Reliable LED Conversion Service


Our team at Lights Over Atlanta has built a solid industry reputation as a reliable lighting systems company. This level of commitment sets us apart from the competition. We deliver fast maintenance and installation services, enhancing the overall customer experience.


Highly Skilled, Trained, and Certified Technicians


Our team comprises highly skilled, certified, bonded, and insured technicians. Each of our on-site crew members has been trained to use the latest lighting technology, ensuring a fast and efficient lighting conversion process. Expect a higher level of competence and professionalism from our team.


Proven Track Record of Successful LED Conversions


Over the years, our team at Lights Over Atlanta has completed numerous LED conversion projects for homeowners and businesses across various industries. We create a positive impact in all of our conversion projects to the satisfaction of our clients. Our extensive portfolio showcases better lighting performance, energy efficiency, and the quality of our work for our commercial and residential clients.


Commitment to Customer Satisfaction


Your satisfaction is at the core of our business success. Our specialists will take the time to understand your needs and tailor solutions for them. We also take active feedback from all clients to fine-tune our services.

Flexible Pricing and Financing Options


At Lights Over Atlanta, we provide flexible financing options for various projects:


  • Rates Under Two Minutes: Our team uses Hearth Financing's secure application process, which gives you access to over a dozen potential lenders.

  • Easy Monthly Payments: Lending partners provide fixed terms and rates, so there will be no surprise fees. You’ll know the payments you need to make upfront.

  • No Prepayment Penalties: We do not charge fees if customers pay their fees earlier than scheduled.

  • You Can Get Your Money Fast: You can get your funds within one to five business days. Once released, the funds will be deposited within 24 hours into your bank account.

Our Service Areas

Kennesaw, Acworth, Marietta, Roswell, Milton, Alpharetta, Atlanta, Symrna, Brookhaven, Sandy Springs.

*Please call to see if your property is in our service area.*

Are you looking to convert your old outdoor lighting to a more energy-efficient system? Contact us today for a free consultation and quote on LED conversion.

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