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Efficient LED Conversion Services for Lighting

Lights Over Atlanta is the leading lighting company for LED upgrades in Atlanta, GA. 

Converting old Lighting to a new LED Lighting system is one of our most popular services. LED lighting technology has advanced greatly and it expanded lighting options for every lighting industry professional. Lights over Atlanta uses LED on every project and our clients are highly satisfied with the results. An LED upgrade will end the need to continuously replace burned-out bulbs.  LED lighting provides longevity, and lower your electricity costs.
With LED bulbs, we can offer a greater range of angles and power output, so you can paint your property in beautiful light. Converting your outdoor lighting system is also a painless, cost-efficient and effective process. Long term it saves your hard-earned money and creates little to no worries.
Our chart outlines the benefits of all the lighting types and what makes LED a greater long term plan and a financially sound choice.

LED Conversion
Lighting Restoration


If you already have a lighting system but it isn’t working properly, we might be able to restore it at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire system. For many clients we are able to reuse some of their existing equipment and reduce electricity costs and product expense, which can often occur with outdated equipment.

Our Process

Lighting Conversion
Lighting Restore and Maintainance
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