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Residential Moon Lighting

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Moon lighting and its visual impact on residences and business structures are highlighted by Lights Over Atlanta, a company that specializes in Atlanta lighting design. Although Atlanta lighting design is only one of its services, Lights Over Atlanta also suggests moon lighting to draw attention to the subtleties of a home's distinctive landscape. With the highest-quality bulbs and dependable, professional service, we offer Atlanta lighting design for residences, businesses, and landscapes.

Moon lighting reproduces the look of a bright moonlight shining down on your area and simulates the light of a full moon. Atlanta residents' yards benefit from moonlight, which highlights and improves many components. Landscapes and commercial structures both draw attention to the emphasized object.

Moon lights are positioned high in trees to give it its characteristic appearance. Specific trees are highlighted as the focal point of a landscape when light passes through their branches and gives the appearance of the full moon shining through the tree. The quantity of fixtures utilized, the placement of the bulbs and trees, the type of light selected, and the angle at which the bulbs are attached are some of the numerous factors that can be employed to provide an original and distinctive visual. These various components can give the moon its distinctive appearance.

From the inside to the outside, there are many methods to make your house stand out. In particular, moonlighting is a wonderful method to highlight the exterior of your property. You won't want to stay inside when your backyard is illuminated by moonlight!

For customers all around the metro Atlanta area, we design, install, and repair lighting systems. To avoid damage like scarring or sores, we always employ tree-friendly techniques. Because a burned-out lightbulb or a damaged fixture can greatly diminish a home's curb appeal, we also provide maintenance and repair services.

With the utmost dedication to client satisfaction, Lights Over Atlanta completes all other Atlanta landscape lighting jobs, including the installation of moon lighting. Contact us if you have any questions regarding moon lighting or any of our other outdoor lighting services.

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