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/ɡəˈSHtält/ noun

[ The whole is more than the sum of it's parts ]

These 6 principles of design guide our hand on every project

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  • The distance between elements plays into how we perceive the overall image. By keeping an even and consistent proximity between lighting fixtures you can create flow in the lighting design and barrier points for properties, akin to a wall of light.

  • We use the principle of proximity to create boundaries around certain elements and to create appealing backgrounds using landscape lighting,

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  • The Gestalt Design Principle of Similarity states that we tend to group similar visuals together. When our mind makes these groups, we make similar assumptions about the group and all of the objects in it.

  • Making sure that all the lights are adjusted to the same brightness, luminosity, spread, angle, and aperture is key to creating a beautiful lighting design that flows well together.

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  • The mind instructs the eyes to follow the easiest visual flow. The “visual flow” of following a line is easier for our minds to observe. This is the Continuity Principle.

  • We use this principle when we incorporate string lighting. We take the viewer down a path to the design focal point to achieve design flow and to connect different aspects of a property together, such as the home to the gazebo

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  • The figure/ground principle takes advantage of how the brain processes negative space and prioritizes the foreground.

  • In our lighting style we use this technique to create a focal point path for the viewer to travel as they move through the property.

  • We do this by creating Light Layers that move the viewer through the foreground to the background.

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Common Region

  • When a set of elements are enclosed, we automatically separate them from the rest of a visual. This creates an effect that highlights a specific feature of the property.

  • We used this principle in this image to encircle a small garden area with path lights for a client. We were able to highlight this region and help to showcase the beautiful greenery in front of their tree line.

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  • The way the mind groups elements together is by looking for symmetry. Our perceptions dislike when things feel uneven or disjointed.

  • We use this principle for our clients to bring balance to their property by making sure both sides of the property are equally represented and when we set the lighting angle and aperture. This creates a look that feels even, organized, and purposeful.

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