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Custom Municipal Lighting Services in Atlanta

Create attractive spaces that blend with the beauty of your local community’s nightlife. Lights Over Atlanta offers custom municipal lighting services for any holiday, occasion, or event. Our services brighten up your spaces and deliver stunning outdoor lighting solutions creatively and efficiently. 


We deliver municipal lighting services in Atlanta and neighboring cities in Georgia within a three-hour drive from our home office in Kennesaw. Our team of creative designers and light technicians accommodate projects consisting of permanent outdoor lighting fixtures, accent lighting, interactive systems, color-changing lights, holiday lighting, and other décor. 


In addition to our services, our prompt maintenance response, focus on details, and adaptable warranty packages and financing options provide our clients with flexible solutions. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your outdoor lighting needs. 

Who We’ve Worked With

This project begins Nov 2021. We will install permanent lighting on over 67 trees that line the thoroughfare downtown. Americus is drawing attention to its historical beauty by creating an inviting environment for all to see.  

Lights Over Atlanta has worked with this city to provide permanent string lighting to their downtown area, as well as yearly Holiday lighting and décor. 

The downtown area is highlighted with our permanent color changing systems and string lighting, to add ambiance and a warm glow. 

Douglasville has requested we expand our holiday lighting and décor for 2021 and we are excited to work with them to create these visions and bring excitement to their community. 

We have had the pleasure of adding permanent lighting onto their downtown buildings, utilizing our bistro systems that create a welcoming and inviting glow.

Our Holiday lighting and décor has graced their municipal building to bring forth an inviting and welcoming feeling and spirit of the season.  

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City of Fairburn
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City of Riverdale Georgia
College Park
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Custom Municipal Lighting Portfolio

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Bistro Lighting

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Christmas Lights

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Accent Lighting

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Security Lights

Municipal Lighting Services in Atlanta

Lights Over Atlanta provides a full suite of custom outdoor lighting services for municipalities near Atlanta, Georgia. From planning and designing to installation and disassembly, our team caters to all your outdoor lighting solutions. 


Our lighting solutions range from permanent lighting fixtures that improve visibility to seasonal lighting and outdoor lighting for events. Some of the lighting options we provide local communities include: 


Permanent Fixtures


Establish long-lasting fixtures that illuminate walkways, parks, and other public places that need light. 


Accent Lighting


Improve your building’s nighttime aesthetic with carefully placed accent lights to emphasize its features.


Interactive Systems


Interactive lights are a fun and engaging way to attract visitors to the area. 


Color Changing Systems


Add a pop of color to your spaces, but make it more dynamic with automatic color-changing systems. 


Holiday Lighting and Décor


Deck the halls (and the sidewalks, plazas, and other public places) and get your community in a festive mood. 


String Lighting


Your local community will love public places decorated with a sky full of stars that are both decorative and functional. 


Bistro Systems


Avoid the harsh glare of heavy-duty outdoor lighting and create shared spaces with a warm and inviting glow.

Why Your Public Spaces and Buildings Need Professional Lighting Solutions


Your government buildings, facilities, and public locations may be beautifully maintained. However, you can’t maximize your outdoor spaces’ use or aesthetics without the right lighting. Maximize your local government’s efforts in creating spaces your community can appreciate with the proper lighting designed and implemented by professionals. 


The right kind of lighting solutions are an integral part of building a local community. As soon as the sun sets, your community lighting makes your residents feel safe enjoying everything your municipality and its businesses offer. 


Instead of delegating your employees to the task and causing delays to your critical operations, hiring professionals ensures you get visually stunning results and efficient services. Other reasons to opt for professional lighting designs and installations include: 


  • Safety: Properly installed lighting fixtures have a reduced risk of electrical hazards that could harm those nearby. Prevent incidents like overheating, grounding, and other accidents with a team that sources quality lighting and handles it correctly.

  • Longevity: Our light technicians work with quality lighting supplies for your safety and your community’s lighting quality. We ensure your lights are durable and provide the right brilliance to match your vision.

  • Expert Styling: You can work with our designers to turn your vision into a reality or leave it to them to provide you with options that achieve your goals. Our stylists produce designs based on your budget and what works best for your spaces.

  • Consistent Repairs: After installation, we can handle maintenance to ensure your lighting is at its best. Our technicians can handle repairs and replacements as needed.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions: We provide lighting solutions catered to your budget, vision, and operational requirements. For more flexible and cost-effective lighting, call us to discuss financing options

Elevate Your Public Spaces With Lights Over Atlanta


Local governments in cities and towns near Atlanta can trust us to deliver lighting designs that improve the aesthetic and appeal of their buildings, public spaces, and other outdoor public areas. With Lights Over Atlanta, you have a team of creatives and efficient designers who can maximize your vision and elevate your spaces into popular hangouts or remarkable pop-ups for locals. 

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