How Much Do Your Services Cost?

The cost of a lighting project or site depends on the size and the difficulty to apply lighting displays, products or electrical equipment. Generally, our prices range from several thousand dollars to tens of thousands for large scale commercial and / or city projects.

Why Do I Want LED Lights Instead of Incandescent?

LED lights are more durable and last longer than incandescent lighting LED lights use 80% less electricity than traditional bulbs LED lights look exactly the same as the traditional incandescent bulb LED lights are cooler to the touch than halogen bulbs which attract ants due to their warmth

Why Should I Use Lights Over Atlanta

There are many reasons to choose Lights Over Atlanta for your outdoor lighting needs including:

  • Our tireless research and understanding of lighting technology
  • 30+ years of knowledge in the ourdoor lighting industry
  • Our commitment to perfecting the latest techniques in lighting and design
  • Thoroughly tested high quality fixtures and products
  • We are insured & bonded
  • Our perfect 5 star rating on Google & Facebook
Our commitment to excellence and our ever growing satisfied clientele is what propels us to the forefront of the lighting installation industry. Everything we do begins with our stellar team who believe our client satisfaction is a top priority and our seamless installation and safety measures are the proper equation to do get things done right.
  • We do not use day laborers or inexperienced personnel for consultations or installations.
  • Everyone who arrives at a property is a legal US citizen thoroughly background checked, and fully trained & knowledgeable in lighting design and technology
  • We are licensed in high & low voltage electrical
  • Employees are randomly drug tested
  • Our designers are trained and educated in the Gestalt design principles to create a custom crafted design for your home or business every time.
Our experience and commitment to our clients and our team of trained professionals are what make us the best outdoor lighting company in Georgia.

With our high-quality team of professionals we can ensure a lighting installation is stress-free and dependable.  What is the process?

Our lighting consultants will craft a design which will work best for a residence, project or site, as well as being cognizant of any envisioned input from a decision maker(s). After determining the project's specifications a proposal will be drafted for review. Once our design and proposal is approved we will schedule a date of installation.

What Guarantees Do You Offer?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In the unlikely event an issue arises one of our certified technicians will address and repair the problem within 1 to 3 business days.

How Do You Determine How Much a Display Will Cost?

We will consult with the decision maker(s) to craft a design that will work best. After determining a project or site's specifications we will draft a proposal and present it for review. We also pride ourselves to work within budgets by being flexible and sensitive to specific needs. Once the design and proposal are approved we can then begin to schedule a date of installation.

Will You Install Lights That I Already Own?

Upon inspection of existing lighting equipment we can determine if they are suitable for reuse. Lights Over Atlanta provides all lighting equipment necessary to make a quality display that can be enjoyed for decades to come. Our products have been quality checked to ensure maximum efficiency and durability. We will review and install lights already owned if they were originally designed and customized by a professional exterior lighting company.