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The Most Recent Innovations in Green Outdoor Lighting

There are so many benefits to outdoor lighting. As well as bringing in business traffic, it protects residents and completes the masterpiece that is a beautiful home. Although you want to take advantage of all of these perks, you are also concerned about your impact on the environment. We've got you covered. In addition to keeping up with the latest outdoor lighting technology, Lights Over Atlanta is here to share with you the latest in green lighting technology.

Solid State Lighting

Solid-state lighting is now the most common new form of lighting in the world. There are three main types of solid state lighting: light-emitting polymers, organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) and light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Light-emitting polymers are largely based on innovative technologies. This category includes the newest, most experimental lights.

In many cases, the newest, most experimental lights fall into this category, and they are extremely expensive or unavailable. It is less experimental to use OLEDs, but they are not a mainstream option. Most applications use LEDs, and they are the light of choice in most cases.

Incandescent lights are inferior to solid state lights for a variety of reasons, whether you want to experiment or not. To begin with, they use less energy to create greater light. As a result, there are numerous categories in which the lights are made safer and energy costs are reduced. They also have a far longer lifespan than their conventional equivalents, which reduces waste and carbon emissions associated with production. Last but not least, solid-state lights emit less UV radiation. They are therefore the best choice for boosting light health and minimizing light pollution.

Sensors and control systems for outdoor lighting

Trying to keep the lights off whenever feasible is one of the simplest methods to make your lighting more environmentally friendly. The idea of balancing the security and aesthetic advantages of outdoor lighting may seem counterintuitive, yet cutting-edge technology can make all three ideas compatible. A smart control system, timers, and light sensors can help you create a lighting plan that is both safe and environmentally friendly.

Light sensors make sure that lights never turn on when they shouldn't. More crucially, timers make it simple to switch from a full display to settings that are essential for security as the night wears on. You won't often need to have your vibrant highlights on full blast at four in the morning. Instead, you can dim all but the most important lights and add motion detection to those remaining to highlight any unusual activity.

Without affecting the environment, you can enjoy the best security and beauty in your home. We have the ability to supply, whether you want an Energy Star certified plan or your own unique design. Knowing that your lighting solution balances practicality and responsibility can help you sleep better.


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