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When to Switch Off and On Your Porch Light: Home Safety

A Practical Guide To Porch Light Safety In Atlanta

You can benefit from convenience and safety with porch lighting. You won't have to spend a lot of time looking for your keys, so you can enter your house quickly.

Potential burglars will be discouraged by this light because they won't be eager to break into a house that appears to be occupied. However, astute burglars pay close attention to details, so they'll undoubtedly know when and how you turn the lighting on and off for your porch and deck.

Consider the optimum times to keep your porch lights on or off if you want to deter robbers from entering your home.

When To Turn On Your Porch Light

When you are home at night

Your porch light should be left on at this time. Particularly if you also keep some internal lights on, it alerts possible attackers that you are home. Additionally, you can see anyone coming toward your house with ease.

When You Know Someone Will Return to Your House Late at Night

The porch light can be left on if you anticipate returning extremely late at night. It will