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When Should Christmas Lights Be Taken Down?

Generally, most people take their lights down by January 5 or 6. Others disconnect their holiday lights and put them away until the following year during the second week of January.

But it’s not quite that easy.

When Are You Supposed to Take Down Christmas Lights?

Many people keep their lights on until December 25 due to the miserable weather in January and February, which has short days and extreme cold.

What time of year should you put away your Christmas decorations? Anytime you feel like it.

But be aware that some people think it's tacky or even lazy to leave lights on well into January. There are valid arguments for keeping holiday lights up on the opposing side of the debate. In those dismal months, it's a simple way to keep festive. However, there are a number of other things to consider.

Are You Prepared for the Energy Costs?

If you leave the lights on for a quarter of the year, your electric bill will go up significantly. Depending on the type of lighting you utilize, the increase will vary in intensity. It will cost $10 more each month to use incandescent C9 bulbs to light a six-foot Christmas tree for 40 days.

Talk to Your Neighbors

Another thing to think about is your neighbors' personalities. Ask them if they mind if your lights are on for a little bit longer than normal. They'll be grateful for it, especially if they can see the shine of your lights from the main rooms in their houses. In accordance with your neighbors' wishes, offer to switch off your lights every night at a particular hour.

Do you want to wait as long as possible?...

Can't get enough of your lights?

Consider February 14, Valentine's Day, if you need a firm deadline but want the festive lights to stay up for as long possible. After New Year's Eve, it's the next big holiday, making it a good time to mark on your calendar for taking down your Christmas lights.

365 Days of Light

Consider investing in accent lighting if you enjoy the glow your home experiences during these Christmas weeks and would like to see a long-term fix. Homes benefit from the drama and beauty that these lighting solutions bring, and they are affordable.

We specialize in designing and installing custom accent lighting solutions that aren't only practical, but beautiful to look at as well.

If you'd like to learn more about outfitting your home in some gorgeous accent lighting, send us a message.


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