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What Causes Outdoor Lights to Stop Working?

How should an outdoor lighting fixture be cared for?

You want your gorgeous home's outside lighting to continue shining brightly once it has been installed. Since these lights make your house more beautiful while staying lit for safety and security, outdoor light upkeep is essential. One burned-out light can jeopardize the safety, security, and appearance of the entire structure.

Today's outdoor lighting fixtures are more robust and tougher, and the outdoor lighting bulbs are stronger and more weatherproof. However, the bulbs are neither oxidation- or dirt-resistant. Over time, the soil hiding the wiring in outdoor light fixtures is washed away, revealing the wiring. These factors are what lead to the requirement for outdoor light maintenance.

What exactly does outdoor light maintenance entail, and how challenging can it be? We will address the following queries for you in this regard:

Outdoor lighting fixtures are a decorative way to increase the safety and security of your house, but they are far too frequently ignored or taken for granted. Your outdoor lights will require maintenance, care, and upkeep from time to time, just like everything else nearby and inside. This means that you should set up a maintenance schedule for your outside lighting.

Your outdoor lighting fixtures look better when they are tidy and functional. They are giving you the security and safety lighting you wanted. It is advised to do at least annual outdoor light maintenance, which includes adjustment, bulb replacement, and cleaning, to obtain the greatest performance out of your outdoor fixtures.

Fortunately, maintaining outdoor lights doesn't require any specialized tools or knowledge. A ladder that extends, sanitized cloths, a pail of clean water, and fresh bulbs. It isn't difficult, but it can take a lot of time, so schedule a whole day for your outdoor light maintenance operation. Also, be aware of electrical outlets and wiring.

Additional Maintenance Advice for Outdoor Lights:

How frequently do outdoor lighting fittings need to be cleaned?

Depending on the number and placement of your outdoor lighting, it may be easier to have the lighting contractor that installs the lights do the bi-annual outdoor light maintenance. Most lighting contractors will have maintenance programs that include burnt bulb replacement in between the maintenance appointments.

What is the issue when the outdoor lights aren't working?

The three most frequent issues that lead to outdoor lighting malfunctions are as follows:

A Power Outage- Power outages do occur, as many of us in Atlanta recently discovered. A timer for outdoor lights that changes to battery backup mode will only operate for a brief period of time. The batteries are most likely exhausted if the power has been gone for several hours or even days. Replace the batteries after checking the automatic timer and resetting it if necessary.

Tripped GFCI- Strong storms and strong rains can flood outdoor electrical outlets, and we all know how dangerous it is to combine electricity with water! When water has reached an electrical outlet, a fail-safe device known as a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, or GFCI, shuts off the electricity. This is probably also in your kitchen and bathroom. Pushing the reset button found on each GFCI outlet should restore the brightness of your outdoor lighting.

Tripped Breaker- Check the breaker if the outside lighting isn't operating even after the timer, backup batteries, and GFCI outlet have been reset. If the electricity went off at any point following a stormy weather event, it might trip the breaker. Reverse the switch, and the timer-controlled outdoor lighting should turn back on.

It's time to call a licensed lighting contractor if you've tried everything and still can't turn on your outside lighting. You shouldn't attempt to handle any potential wiring issues on your own unless you have previous electrical experience.

Protecting Your Investment

You've invested in things like your HVAC system and your home's appliances. Establish a maintenance contract with the company who installed your lighting system to keep your investment in outdoor lights in good operating order. maximizing your investment for your own satisfaction and the aesthetic appeal of your home.


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