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This Year, Eliminate Your Fear of Christmas Lighting.

The holiday season seems to approach us more quickly each year. After Daylight Saving Time and Halloween, the holiday season really gets going. With only a few weeks to organize and get ready for family gatherings, everyone's attention turns to Thanksgiving. Then, almost out of nowhere, our communities in Georgia transform into a winter paradise. It is not surprising that at this time of year, we frequently feel as though we are chasing the holidays rather than taking them in.

You are no longer under any pressure to decide when and how to decorate the outside of your home or place of business. By hiring a professional to design and install your Christmas lighting, you can elevate your décor while avoiding all of the hassles that come with DIY projects. Imagine not having to rush to buy ineffective string lights or cope with garland and ribbons that have spent the entire year in the attic. And probably most significantly, your home's outside outlet won't any longer be hooked in with unattractive wire and extension cords that are too weighty. Holiday lighting should always be safe and never serve as a hindrance to enjoying the Christmas season.

When working with an experienced expert, professional holiday lighting is surprisingly easy to handle. In order to maintain your attention on your family, friends, and the celebration of what is actually important at this time of year, every step of the procedure should be easygoing.

What can you expect from working with dedicated lighting professionals?

  1. Exceptional Design - Make an appointment for a consultation in your house to go over your perfect vision for your lighting scheme. As an expert professional can securely install lights anyplace from rooflines, columns, doors, and landscapes, keep in mind that your possibilities are probably greater than you believe. A expert will also offer some suggestions that you may not have come up with on your own. Have fun since the possibilities are endless. After your initial consultation, you may anticipate having a design given to you in just a few days. Schedule your installation for the day that is most convenient for you after reviewing and approving the plan with your lighting designer.

  2. Professional Installation - On the day you agreed upon, a real professional lighting installation will show up and begin installing. As a result, once they begin, you feel secure. Please feel free to ask any last-minute inquiries; you can count on a polite and informed response from any crew members.

Placement of the lights and color choices are only two aspects of installation. Custom wiring will be cut to precisely fit the proportions of your home, eliminating unattractive multi-socket extension cord tangles. Your system can be run through a primary wire with specially cut leads to particular light strands thanks to a low voltage transformer. Your home will appear as spotless as it does the rest of the year since the wiring will be carefully disguised.

A timer is a must-have for every professional lighting installation if you want worry-free lighting control. When your home or place of work is lit according to your particular tastes, whether you are home or not, you can feel secure.

Flawless Performance - Professional lighting installers ought to make use of items of a high quality for commerce (not the bargain lights you find at Home Depot). Your lighting system will produce a more vivid and consistent color as a consequence. Additionally, your lights and garland have to be covered by a long warranty, usually lasting up to 5 years. Within 24 hours, any problem should be handled and fixed. To ensure that you have flawless, uninterrupted lighting throughout the season, confirm that your lighting contractor has a service department.

Timely Removal & Storage - Never again stress about removing your holiday lighting. You can set your removal date at the same time you book your installation. You are no longer required to store your lighting in the attic or the garage. In order to store your lights in an environment controlled facility, real lighting professionals will carefully remove and pack it. Until the following season, your lighting, wiring, and garland are safe and stored. Your systems will be examined and tested prior to installation the following season. Your lights should provide years of enjoyment, with the only cost in the subsequent seasons being the effort to install the systems. You are making an investment in years of fun and worry-free lighting, so it is reasonable to anticipate that your lighting will continue to be flawless for many years to come.

Schedule your lighting today - You should book your design consultations right now as the advantages of using professional holiday lights become more widely understood. Early November planning for Christmas lighting may seem early to some people, but you'll want to make sure you can immediately schedule your installation. There are only a certain number of days left to install illumination before Christmas, so you may need to be flexible as the season progresses.

Relax and Enjoy More of the Christmas Season This Year

Since we started Lights Over Atlanta over 10 years ago, we have assisted hundreds of residences and businesses in the Georgia area in enjoying magnificent holiday illumination. As a locally owned company specializing in holiday lights installation, we take delight in creating and putting up lighting displays that provide lifelong memories.

For years, our team of devoted specialists has been working with us to make sure we can offer homeowners:

  • Product Industry Knowledge - We stay on top of lighting innovation and advancements.

  • Lighting Design & Installation - We carefully install, remove, and store your lighting as if you were a member of our family.

  • Quick and Prompt Service- You can contact us whenever you have problems or need help maintaining the functionality of your lighting.

  • Respectful Professionalism - Over the years, you will learn to know and trust our team as we work to make your holiday more enjoyable.



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