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The Most Inviting Home on the Block: 4 Lighting Ideas

Most homeowners aspire to have a cozy and welcoming house. We put a lot of effort into creating a curb appeal that impresses not just ourselves but also the neighbors and visitors, from the general appearance of the home to the landscaping. However, since all these great features can't be seen at night, curb appeal can be lost. Even at night, you may maintain your home's cozy and welcoming atmosphere by using outside lighting!

Here are 4 fantastic ideas for using landscape lighting to make your house the most welcoming on the block!

1. Walkways

The walks leading up to the entryway are the most frequented (and practical) locations to include landscape lighting for a welcoming house. You and your visitors will find it easier to get to and from the house if the paths are illuminated. Additionally, it increases walk safety by enabling persons using the walkway to see exactly where they are going and prevents them from tripping and falling!

The use of path lights, core drilled lights, or downlighting are a few excellent options for lighting the paths. Fixtures called path lights are made to direct light directly down onto the walk. They provide each road with the much-needed light and can be employed on a variety of different paths.

If you want to light a concrete walkway, core drilled lights are a fantastic choice. In this lighting method, the lighting fixture is incorporated into the walk itself. The fixture sits in a precise hole that is drilled into the concrete, as seen in the figure to the right, making the fixture a seamless part of the concrete. The path is illuminated by the light without an above-ground fixture!

There is also the option of downlighting walkways. It is ideal for people whose sidewalks are lined with big trees. The walkway is illuminated by a downlight that is set quite high in the tree, giving the pathway a moonlit appearance.

2. Architecture

Another fantastic approach to give your home that welcoming vibe is to include lighting into the architecture. To illuminate a home's architecture, wash lights can be installed at the base of the home to shine up onto the house. This method of lighting will lend a gentle glow to the house's outside and bring out all the beauty of the architecture's stone, siding, brick, etc.

Architectural lighting can increase the home's safety significantly in addition to adding a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. While it may seem warm and inviting to you and your visitors, a well-lit home serves as a powerful deterrent to burglars. Trespassers are at risk from lighting since it makes it more difficult for them to remain undetected. A house that is always lit deters intruders from even attempting to enter the premises, unlike motion-activated lights.

3. Landscaping

The key to a successful lighting project is effectively lighting each component of a landscape. Instead than lighting every tree, bush, and plant in the landscape, the idea is to deliberately light some elements to provide that lovely, balanced dimension.

The warmth you want from your home at night is created by the combination of all the illuminated features. The front of your house and property can feel very welcoming to you and guests by adding lighting to the landscape. The fact that the house and its entrances can be seen from all of the well-lit landscape components lets first-time visitors feel at ease and ensures that they are going in the right direction!

4. Driveway

Lighting up the driveway is a final suggestion for making a property appealing. Eliminating all doubt about where the driveway ends and the yard starts can be accomplished by lighting the driveway. It eliminates the element of surprise for you and your visitors while entering and leaving your house at night. Additionally, the fact that visitors who are visiting your home for the first time know exactly where to go gives them a sense of security.

If there are big trees close to your driveway, we can put downlights high up in those branches to give the drive a moonlight impression. The driveway also receives magnificent shadows from the light as it filters through the trees' branches and leaves, giving the house a depth of beauty. A brilliantly illuminated drive is the ideal method to improve curb appeal and make you and visitors feel welcome and safe, whether you are home from work, returning after an evening walk, or guests are coming over.

Are you looking for a professional lighting design?

If you require assistance with installing landscape lighting, request a consultation here! Our architects can construct a building that is not only useful but also attractive at night.

At Lights Over Atlanta, we are passionate about the practice of outdoor illumination. We specialize in creating tastefully unique landscape lighting solutions.


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