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The Best Outdoor Security Lighting Options

The Importance of Security Lighting

Having a camera doorbell is insufficient for making you feel safe and comfortable in your home, where you may lock yourself behind doors and windows when necessary. That is especially true if you leave for work in the middle of the night or arrive home late. At these times, security lighting is not just convenient to have—it is necessary for the safety of people and property.

Protection against prospective attackers is the main objective of security lighting. Additionally, it serves as a safety feature when you enter and exit your home or place of business at night. It takes away any worry about what or who might be hiding in shadowy locations. As a result, the risk of falls and accidents is reduced, making the area safer for you and your clients or visitors.

Security lighting is excellent for use in homes or businesses for after hours when connected to motion detectors. This implies that if there is any movement in specific locations, the lighting will illuminate. A possible intruder will probably move on to the next place if a building's exterior is suddenly lighted all around.

Additionally, security lighting improves the functionality of the area outside your home. Your home will feel more pleasant with ambient lighting. Your home will look better and be worth more as a result. Despite having what could seem to be a sole focus on security, security lighting also improves a property's outside.

What kinds of security lighting are there?

There are generally four different kinds of security lighting systems.

Continuous Lighting

This type of security lighting is more frequently employed and comprises of fixed lights that are set up to continuously flood a certain region. These systems provide up to 50% overlapped cone-shaped light during the night. Because of the overlap, even if one light goes out, the area is still lighted by the lights on either side. There are two ways that a continuous security lighting system operates:

Standby Lighting

The layout of this sort of security lighting is similar to continuous lighting, but without continuous lighting. The lights may switch on manually or automatically in response to the detection of movement or the activation of an alarm system. Standby security lighting, often known as crash lights, can have a severe psychological impact on an intruder when their "cover" abruptly disappears.

Movable Lighting

When and when it is required, this kind of security lighting can be adjusted around manually. It is frequently used as an addition to the continuous or standby security illumination described above. For greatest flexibility, it is typically put on telescopic poles and mounted on trailers that are powered by generators.

Emergency Lighting

When there is a power outage or other emergency that renders standard security lighting systems inoperable, this system can only partially replace any of the first three security lighting systems mentioned. It makes use of an alternate power source, such as built-in generators, mobile generators, or battery-operated generators.

What kind of outdoor security lighting is most typical?

The most popular variety is Continuous Security Lighting, which consists of a line of fixed lights that are arranged to flood a certain area indefinitely with each light covering the others in a cone shape.

What type of security lighting is the best?

The greatest security lighting for your house is available today when security lighting is combined with doorbell systems that include a camera and audio as standard equipment. Along with more cameras, you may also install motion-detecting lights all over the house. These security doorbell and lighting systems are programmable with mobile apps that may notify you when you're away from home and notify local law authorities if an intruder is present.

Are robbers deterred by motion sensor lights?

Yes, a system that has motion-activated security lighting will not only frighten off any potential criminals, but modern systems can also call the police and alert you. In other systems, when the light is turned on, an alarm will ring, further shocking the potential criminal and forcing them to flee—but only after a camera has captured them in the act.

How bright should a security light be outside?

While you want your home to be well-lit for safety, you don't want to contribute to light pollution by using lighting inefficiently or inappropriately. Floodlights flashing into a bedroom window are the single thing that irritates bad neighbors the fastest. Thankfully, there are lots of quick and simple solutions to install security lighting for you that won't irritate the neighbors.

First, only 180 lumens of brightness should be used for accent and pathway lighting. Aim the light fixtures away from the residences next door and choose warm-lighting bulbs. Remove everything that can reflect light and cause glare. Security illumination is intended to start the invader while alerting you to a prospective intruder. It's not intended to incite hostility among your neighbors.

Your Safety is Our Concern

When you're prepared to install security lighting around your house or place of business, reach out to and we'll be happy to talk about your concerns and come up with solutions that fit your needs.



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