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Security Benefits of Permanent Exterior Lighting

When it comes to owning a commercial property, security is important. The increased darkness as we enter the later months present risk and impact the security immensely. Therefore, it is important to begin preventative measures to ensure the safety of your property. Permanent exterior lighting, if used correctly can decrease the risk of crime. Exterior lighting will illuminate your property while deterring potential intruders. In order to protect your property consider investing in exterior lighting to ensure the safety and security of your property. Below are a few benefits to consider when thinking about the addition of exterior lighting in relation to security.

a decrease in crime

According to recent studies done by the New York City Police Department and Mayor's Office, an increase in lighting around a property has proven to decrease offenders and deter crime. The studies also concluded that increased levels of lighting led to a 7% overall reduction in index crimes. Index crimes are a list of serious offenses that includes murder, robbery, and aggravated assault, as well as certain property crimes. Other major studies have concluded that the increase in outdoor lighting have decreased property crime by 39%. Crime especially at night has decreased due to the increase in lighting fixtures.

Increased Visibility

With the addition of permanent lighting there is an increase of visibility. Not only will customers feel more safe with the increase of light, but security cameras will also have more visibility to help deter potential offenders/criminals. The cameras will also be able to help spot potential criminals before hand through the use of outdoor lighting. In addition, another study done by "Crime Lab New York" concluded an overall 4% decrease in crime rates after exterior lighting was added. In addition, increased exterior lighting will lead to a decrease in risks for your property. It is less likely for someone to injure or be injured on your property with the increased visibility. The risk of tripping and falling significantly decreases.

Secured Parking Lots and Paths

As the cooler months approach the light begins to fade quicker. Days begin to get shorter and it gets darker faster so security needs to be up to par. In a dark parking lot, customers may struggle to see divider lines, curbs, and other vehicles. Well-placed accent lights can completely eliminate this problem and give your parking lot a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. With overhead illumination and lighting arrays, your parking lot will feel bright, cheerful, and secure. From the front entrance to the back garden path, your customers deserve a safe and illuminated nighttime environment. Ensure steady steps and relaxing walks with a custom lighting system that covers everywhere your guests might go.

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