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Outdoor Lighting Improves Curb Appeal

The moving season runs from April to September. Summer provides warm and pleasant weather, making it an ideal season for families to look for their ideal house. If your family is thinking about relocating and selling your current residence, now is the time to do so! However, you'll want your property to stand out from the crowd and capture the attention of potential buyers. Investing in outdoor lighting is one approach to improve curb appeal.

Best Features on Display

Outdoor lighting has a significant influence on potential purchasers. The beautiful illumination of the light on your trees, porch, and over special features like a pool or outdoor kitchen can be enthralling. Allowing your property to take the spotlight with stunning exterior lights will help enhance the odds of a sale, as most people look for potential home purchases late at night after work.

Tips for Choosing Outdoor Lighting

You don't have to worry if you're not sure where to put your outdoor lighting. Lights Over Atlanta's design team gives a few recommendations on how to make your house stand out.

Techniques for Tree Lighting: Trees provide a wonderful focal point for your landscaping. Use mounted lights that are high enough to capture big areas of your yard and light your trees to help them stand out. If you have a tree with beautiful foliage or a distinct personality (such as a double trunk or an eye-catching curve), use lighting to highlight it.

This will serve to highlight the trunk's beauty as well as the bottom of the tree's foliage, while leaving the rest of it in lovely shadows, creating a pleasing visual contrast.

Using Variable Vantage Points: Make the most of your home's other special outside features! Standing lights in the yard, combined with path lights, will help to bring out the beauty of your smaller plants like shrubs and flowers. If you have a special garden feature that serves as the focal point, such as a statue or fountain, utilizes spotlights to bring it to life.

Safety and Security

While the beauty of your house is a strong selling element, nothing compares to a new family's sense of safety and security. Outdoor lighting is excellent for deterring criminals, illuminating routes to prevent tripping over hidden obstructions, and creating a welcome environment for visitors. Porch lighting, path lighting, and motion sensor lights are all excellent options for this, and they can also serve the additional goal of highlighting any prominent architectural aspects of your home.

Additional Outdoor Lighting Tips to Help Your Home Sell Faster

  • LED lighting is noted for its energy efficiency, extended lifespan, and stunning illumination.

  • Set a timer instead of turning a switch: Instead of flipping a switch, set a timer for your home's illumination. The lights can be programmed and then forgotten about.

  • Weather-resistant fixtures: Your location can tell you a lot about the types of fixtures that will work best in your home. If it rains a lot or if severe weather occurs frequently, investing in weather guard fittings is a must.


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