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Kitchens with Outdoor Lighting

A terrific approach to further your outdoor entertaining is by including an outdoor kitchen in your patio area. An outdoor kitchen enables you to stay involved in the gathering while you prep, cook, and serve food for your guests rather than isolating yourself inside your home's kitchen.

However, there are a lot more factors to take into account when designing an outdoor kitchen than just the layout, furnishings, and materials you choose. Choosing the appropriate lighting for your outdoor kitchen is a crucial consideration that you won't want to ignore.

Not sure where to begin when it comes to selecting lights for an outdoor kitchen space?

Here are some helpful guidelines. Please reach out for further assistance. We would love to talk to you about your outdoor kitchen goals.

Lighting to Cut Down on Tripping Risks

Outdoor trip dangers are a problem that shouldn't be dismissed, especially if you'll be performing a lot of food preparation and using tools that could be sharp. In light of this, it's crucial to install lots of lights in your outdoor kitchen to brighten the area and reduce tripping dangers for both you and your visitors. This is especially crucial if you intend to cook outdoors or host gatherings at night.

There are a few different lighting options that might lessen the risk of trips and falls.

Pathway Lights

For your visitors to stay safe as they move around your outdoor living spaces and yard, proper outdoor lighting is crucial. Path lighting is a terrific choice, specifically, for guiding guests from your outdoor kitchen to a nearby outdoor dining area or to another leisure area in your yard.

Pathway lighting can also be used to draw attention to flowerbeds, gardens, and other areas you want to discourage visitors from stepping on. Pathway lighting comes in a wide variety of forms, from hardwired to solar-powered.

Stair or Step Lights

Any stairs you may have leading to or from your deck, patio, or other areas of your yard are a significant tripping danger to take into account when it comes to your outdoor space. An unintentional fall is made more likely by height changes and poor lighting.

Fortunately, it is always possible to install stair or step lights to lessen trip hazards. Think about adding these to any steps you already have on your outside property. These are especially significant when there is a change in elevation and the path leads to significant appliances (like your barbecue).

Under-Counter Lighting

When making food at night, lights installed underneath the counters in your outdoor kitchen are a fantastic way to add visual appeal. These lights also aid in making sure your guests can see their meal. In turn, this kind of lighting can lower the possibility of unintentional spills, particularly in bar-top settings.

You may also add under-counter lights beneath a countertop with storage underneath to make it simpler for you to see the equipment you need to prepare the ideal dish.

Multi-Functional Lights

You'll get the greatest "bang" for your money and maximize the usage of your outdoor cooking space by installing lights that may fulfill many functional needs. Task lights and ceiling fans are two examples of multipurpose outdoor lighting solutions to take into consideration.

Lighted Ceiling Fans

If you reside in a region with a hot climate, such as Texas, you are likely already aware that daytime heat can linger into the night. Even when the sun isn't directly overhead, this can make sitting outside uncomfortable. Heat from outside cooking may make this situation worse.

In light of this, installing a ceiling fan that also offers illumination can be the ideal way to make sure that your outdoor kitchen area is well-lit and that you and your guests are as comfortable as possible—even on warm nights. Additionally, air currents produced by ceiling fans are excellent for keeping insects away. The situation benefits both parties.

Task Lights

Any outdoor kitchen should have task lighting installed because it is crucial. In particular, this kind of illumination is intended to help brighten your workspace so you can clearly see what you're doing when preparing food. This is crucial when chopping up veggies with sharp things like knives or when cooking on a hot stove or grill.

While this is happening, well chosen work lights can also serve as accent lights by showcasing your kitchen's best features. The appropriate lighting goes a long way in emphasizing these distinctive characteristics, whether they are your gorgeous countertops, your sparkling outdoor appliances, or the architecture and structures surrounding your outdoor kitchen.

Accent Lighting

It's excellent to have some basic accent lighting to set the mood in your outdoor kitchen and entertaining area in addition to path/stair lighting and multi-functional lighting. Warm lighting can be used to create the right atmosphere with both pendant lights and chandeliers for a more pleasurable gathering.

Pendant Lights

There are many different types of pendant lights that may be used to beautify your room and add a little bit of task lighting as well. Pendant lights, in particular, dangle down from a ceiling or another enclosed outdoor location and are excellent for illuminating:

  • Countertops

  • Cooktops

  • Work and Prep Spaces


Consider installing an outdoor chandelier in your outdoor kitchen or dining area if you truly want to make a statement with your outdoor lighting. These are ideal for setting the tone for your outdoor dining experience in a charming, classy manner. Even some outdoor chandeliers have a dimmable feature, allowing you to choose the level of light you want for your outdoor event or gathering.

With the Right Lighting, You Can Transform Your Outdoor Kitchen

Consider these alternatives so that your outdoor kitchen space can benefit from the proper illumination.


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