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Ideas for Outdoor Entertainment Lighting

Do you want to take your outdoor entertaining to the next level? In this case, your outdoor lighting may need to be refreshed and updated. You can extend your entertainment well into the evening hours with the right outdoor lighting. Whether task lighting, mood lighting, or anything in between, outdoor fixtures can provide the right amount (and type) of light.

You can incorporate the best lighting into your existing outdoor space by considering a few creative ideas. It is always best to consult a professional, such as our experts at Lights Over Atlanta, to optimize your exterior lighting.

String Lights

It has become increasingly popular to use string lights outdoors in recent years. They are incredibly versatile and can be hung almost anywhere. In most cases, you will see them suspended from a patio/deck or placed around an outdoor gathering area (such as a fire pit). Additionally, they are often strung across plants to create a whimsical feel that keeps guests from stepping on greenery accidentally.

String lights have many advantages, beginning with their ease of installation and removal. It makes them a great choice for hanging out during special events, though they can be left up for months if they are of high quality.

For added convenience, string lights can also be controlled with a simple switch or timer. Additionally, depending on the brightness, they can create a cozy/romantic atmosphere or an exciting one. If you're looking to add more visual interest, this type of lighting is even available in a wide variety of colors.

Path Lighting

Are you looking for a lighting option that provides both ambiance and security? The use of path lighting is a wise decision. You and your guests can avoid tripping hazards by installing this type of lighting along a walkway or other exterior pathway. Around stairs or other elevation changes, path lighting is frequently used.

Path lighting can also assist your visitors in moving safely from one area to another if you have various outdoor entertainment areas (such as a patio and a separate fire pit area). However, since solar-powered lights don't store enough energy to be useful, we advise against relying completely on them.

Kitchen Lighting