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How to Plan Your Landscape Lighting Project

Every great project starts with planning. If you’re thinking of adding lights to your landscape, you’ll need to consider everything from the fixtures you use to the wiring needed for the final design.

Decide Which Areas You Want to Illuminate

Landscape lighting lets you brighten certain areas of your yard and highlight decorative features to create a dramatic effect. The first part of your lighting plan should be deciding which parts your home should be emphasized with outdoor accent lights.

In general, you should add lights to walking paths, seating areas, and primary landscape or architectural features. Fences, pavilions, boulders, and garden areas are all excellent candidates for decorative lighting.

Map Out the Electrical System

Outdoor lighting systems connect multiple light fixtures to a single transformer. Fixtures are laid along circuits, and multiple circuits may be used to cover the entire landscape. If two areas do not connect easily, a second transformer will need to be used.