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Environmental Advantages of Outdoor LED

As if you needed another excuse to switch to LED, you should be aware that many cities are doing so in order to become more environmentally friendly and carbon neutral. Going carbon neutral and minimizing the carbon footprint are topics of discussion on a worldwide scale. Among the ways LED lighting aids communities in achieving carbon neutrality are:

More Efficient

The efficiency and endurance of LEDs are arguably the strongest arguments in favor of switching. According to estimates, LED lights last about 15 times as long as conventional types of bulbs. Additionally, LED uses 80% less energy than other lights. This can help save money on upkeep of the fixtures and lighting, as well as time and labor.

Less Emissions

If you care at all about the environment, you should know that the US Department of Energy estimates that lighting accounts for 15% of all power consumption. By switching to efficient LED, the US could save about $26 billion annually and cut CO2 emissions by 800 million metric tons yearly.