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Does Lighting for Water Features Matter?

You might initially think that installing water feature lighting around your home or place of business is unnecessary because it merely raises your utility bill. However, there are advantages to this landscaping addition that you aren't taking into account. What is water feature lighting, what are its advantages, and what does it serve?

The aesthetic appeal of the landscaping and outdoor living space surrounding your house or place of business is improved by water feature lighting. With softly flowing water around or into the gardens, water feature lighting creates a sense of peace. It adds a particular element to recreational areas that create a calm environment for visitors.

Many people are unaware of the numerous advantages of lighting for water features, some of which include:

After the sun sets, water feature lighting is exactly what you need to enhance the enjoyment of your waterfall and water feature. Aside from the deck, patio, and pool, landscape lighting is also used. A focal point may be created for this lovely addition to your home by placing path lighting at the top of the waterfall and water feature lighting behind the waterfall drop. If you can't enjoy the beauty of a waterfall at night, what is it even for?

Which lights should be placed near a water feature?

Although it depends on the user's preferences, most water feature lighting systems are configured to emphasize a pond and waterfalls. If the water in your pond originates from a fountain or statue, lighting that from the bottom will give the water flow a lovely glow at night.

Is lighting necessary for every water feature?

Only if you desire nighttime visibility of the water feature. Watching fish swim at night under the illumination of an underwater feature in a pond has a beautiful aspect and sensation. The architectural features of your garden and the terrestrial plants you've painstakingly positioned and maintained will be highlighted by adding path lighting accents along the pond edge and along the garden walkways.

As visitors stroll through your garden and take in your landscaping, water feature lighting creates an ethereal glow that will leave an impression on them. In the evening, the carefully created water feature lighting will completely transform the look of your entire house.

How are water features lit?

The addition of water feature lighting to your gardens and landscaping is important for two reasons. The first is the ideal response to the ear-piercing noise pollution caused by nearby neighbors and street traffic. The addition of tranquility to your landscape is the second justification.

The things that are beautiful and inspiring in your garden and landscaping should be highlighted by the water feature lights. Included in this are your aquatic plants and wildlife, special statues, and the hardscaping you've put in. And for the ideal atmosphere, two types of water feature lighting should be used:

Do you always leave the water features on?

When you have a gravity-operated water fountain, your main worry should be keeping it free of any debris. In order to avoid wasting a natural resource, water features are now created that recycle the water. If you're going to be gone for a while, you can turn it off.

Should the lights in water features be switched off at certain intervals? A timer will be installed with the water feature lighting. Since there is no need for the lights to be on during the day, the lighting can be programmed to be on from dark to dawn during that time.

Are you interested in lighting for your water feature?

We would be happy to discuss the potential of lighting your home or water feature. Let us know how we can help by giving us a call. (770) 421-5494


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