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All About Pool Lighting

Is it possible to get electrocuted by a pool light?

Nothing beats having a swimming pool in your backyard on a hot summer day here in Georgia. Possibly having a pool in your backyard on a steamy summer evening in Georgia. However, for night swimming, you need pool lighting. Fortunately, there are pool lighting professionals who can assist you in getting enough lighting to give your pool the safety and atmosphere you desire.

There are some fundamentals of pool lighting that frequently accompany swimming pool installation. It is wonderful to have additional illumination near the pool and inside the pool, even though the existing pool lighting already has the necessary safety measures. Today, we'll talk about the different pool lighting options available and how they may enhance or transform your ordinary backyard pool into an oasis.

Definitely, yes! Anything electrical near water should be avoided, including pool lights. The fact that a pool has illumination does not make it any less unsafe just because it is in your backyard. Thirty-three people were electrocuted by swimming pool lighting from 2002 to 2018, and thirty-three of those electrocutions resulted in fatalities.

How does that happen if the pool lighting is installed by a professional lighting contractor? There are three common possibilities that could cause pool lighting electrocution:

  • Faulty electrical wiring to filters, pumps, vacuums, and underwater lights

  • No Ground-Fault Circuit-Interrupters (GFCI), electrical circuit, and outlet protection

  • Electrical appliances and electric extension cords getting into the pool

Do pool lights pose a risk?

In addition to wanting your family and guests to enjoy themselves in the pool, you also want them to be safe. This can be achieved by ensuring that a professional inspect the swimming pool lighting and all electrical aspects of the pool on an annual basis. This covers all pool-related hardware, such as pool lighting and accessories.

The pump, filter, and interior pool lights all provide an unnoticed risk. In a matter of seconds, the electrical energy from these invisible risks can seriously hurt, cripple, or even kill a person. You can prevent faulty wiring in a swimming pool from becoming a hazard by having your pool maintenance professional check and test it every year.