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5 Landscape Lighting Techniques

When it comes to designing outdoor lighting it's all about technique. Finding the perfect technique that is unique to your home is not only a work of science but a work of art. Landscape lighting can highlight your property and bring your landscape to life at any time of day. Here are few landscaping techniques that you should consider when adding lighting to your property.


Shadowing is a technique that places a spotlight in front of a feature in order to cast a show on a surface. Depending on how far or close one places the fixture will determine the size of the shadow. Well lights, flood lights, and spotlights can all aid in achieving this effect. This technique will certainly add an aspect of drama to your property.


Up-lighting is a technique that involves placing the lighting facing underneath an object. The light then shines upwards highlighting a specific element of your property. These lights can be placed at angles or placed in multiple locations to give off the dramatic look. Up-lighting is great for neighborhood signs, the front of houses, and even greenery such as trees or bushes. Statues and fountains are also a great target for this particular technique of lighting.


Downlighting is a technique that places light fixtures high up (trees etc.) They are very similar to moonlighting fixtures except for the fact that they are brighter and less subtle. Downlighting is very common when trying to illuminate either a large or small portion of land. It is good to place the lighting high up in order to light up large areas of land. Placing the lighting closer to the ground is good to highlight pathways and gardens.


With the use of silhouette lighting you can place a fixture behind a feature and create a stunning background drop. This techniques creates intrigue due to the outlines and contrast it gives to the feature. It helps create shapes that bring spice to your property. Great examples to place these lights is behind fountains, sculptures, and any other interesting feature you would like to accentuate on your property. Silhouetting really dramatizes these features and gives the property a bit of character both night and day.

Accent Lighting

If you're looking to highlight small features of your home, accent lighting is the way to go. Accent lighting uses a bright spotlight to showcase important features. Through the use of accent lighting property owners are able to customize they're lighting and showcase their favorite parts of their property. Accent lighting should be brighter than the other fixtures on your property to ensure the separation of other features.

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