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4 Landscape Lighting Ideas to Improve Your Home Security

For a residential home owner security is important. With increased darkness during the later months of the year, greater risk is present and can impact security. Therefore, it is important to begin preventative measures to ensure the safety of your property. Exterior lighting will illuminate your home while deterring potential intruders. Protect your property by investing in exterior lighting to ensure the safety and security of your property. Below are a few benefits to consider when thinking about the addition of exterior lighting in relation to security.

Illuminate Side Door and Garage Areas

There are certain areas that require more lighting than others. In many cases the garage and side door areas are the most critical. When the threat of intruders arise this a generally an entrance area. Therefore, keeping these areas well lit is important. Lighting the framing and the sides of the garage door with accent lighting illuminates your property entry.

Keeping Lighting from Dusk till Dawn

Though outdoor lighting is installed to enhance your property it also adds safety. Family safety should be the number one priority when purchasing outdoor lighting. Keeping lighting from dusk to dawn ensures good security. Trespassers will often strike during these hours so it is good to keep the property lit. They will be less likely to intrude into your home with the risk of being caught.

No to Motion Sensor Lighting

Most people think that motion sensor lighting will help deter crime from happening to their homes. That is false and it is actually more likely that a trespasser will strike. The dark appearance will draw attention to your property and make it an easy target. Once the light is activated by the intruder this doesn't mean it will stop them from entering. Not to mention false alarms with animals that stroll upon your property. Keeping your home well lit is the best bet to decrease crime.


Though security is a top priority you cannot forget the beauty aspect of the lighting as well. It enhances the aesthetic of your property and the cohesive design of the architecture. Security lighting should not be bright flood lighting that also creates shadowed areas. We offer multiple lighting approaches to increase security and beauty as well. Additionally, your neighbors will not be affected or bothered by your lighting as well.

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That's a wonderful thing that these lights can also improve the security of the home. I always thought that only a locksmith can help us with it but now by using these landscaping lights security can be improvised.

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