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3 Ways to Celebrate with Color Change Lighting!

Holidays & Events

Color change lighting can be used to celebrate a whole host of holidays. Green for St. Patrick's Day, like today, pink for Valentine's Day, or orange for Halloween. You can also use color change lighting to celebrate events, like pink or blue for the announcement of a new baby, to celebrate your child's favorite color on their birthday, or dark red or slime green for a Halloween party. The Holidays and events are endless!

To Show Patriotism

Whether for the Fourth of July, Presidents Day, To remember 9/11 or just to support or troops, many of our clients use our color change lighting to caste the colors of the American flag on their home or business. The American flag isn't the only option, you can show your support for your national heritage with any combination of colors.

To Support a Cause

Every cause has a color. Pink for Breast Cancer, green for mental illness awareness, teal for PTSD. The list goes on and on. You can show you're a survivor or that you support a cause that you hold dear by turning on your the color change lights at your home or business on the special days when it means the most. One of our favorites is the yellow and blue flag for support for the Ukrainian people.

Now matter how you choose to celebrate, be it a holiday, event, to show patriotism, or support a cause color change lighting can increase awareness and show the world what you enjoy and what you stand for. To learn more about installing color change lighting please click the button below.

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