Terms & Conditions

Lights Over Atlanta is holding our first Lighting Makeover to renovate a poorly installed exterior
lighting system on a home. The chosen residence will receive a makeover to create the
elegance and appearance the homeowner had originally envisioned.


Our Makeover applies to a
home exterior lighting system installed in the following Georgia Cities:

Acworth, Alpharetta,
Atlanta, Brookhaven, Blue Ridge, Buckhead, Druid Hills, Dunwoody, Johns Creek, Gwinnett, Kennesaw, Marietta,
Milton, Roswell, Smyrna, Vinings, Virginia Highlands, Sandy Springs and Woodstock.

Lights Over Atlanta is a professional custom lighting and design company that had to initiate a
branch department specifically to handle the influx of homeowners with issues from improper
installations of exterior lighting systems. Many were installed without applying a cohesive
design, improper installation techniques, cookie cutter bundle packages or lighting that did not
produce the proper effect on the home. Several non-light industries install exterior lighting in
addition to their main product. These are not lighting specialists - especially when things go


● Only Single Family homes and only one entry per home
● Additional entries for the same home address will be disqualified
● No renter may enter on behalf of a homeowner
● A home’s value must be $600,000 or higher
Product Stipulations: Lighting products purchased from a store and applied by a
homeowner is excluded and cannot enter
Condition: A homeowner who affects their installed lighting systems, digs it up or
damages fixtures or wiring (to be chosen) will result in being disqualified
● Our chosen winner will be selected based on their existing exterior lighting design,
appearance, and products that do not cohesively light the home and property correctly
● A Homeowner can submit their entry at: www.lightsoveratlanta.com/lighting-makeover-submission
● Entries Will Begin: Sept 1, 2021
● Last Day to Enter: Dec 20, 2021

● The timeline for a home’s lighting systems to have been installed is: Jan 1, 2021 -
Dec 20, 2021. A home exterior lighting system installed prior to Jan 1, 2021 is
● Six (6) photos and a copy of the exterior lighting invoice will be emailed (entry
instructions will advise) to qualify for this Makeover. The invoice copy is to verify your
installation was within the Makeover dates of: Jan 1, 2021 - Dec 20, 2021
● The 6 photos will visually reflect the nighttime issues your home has, along with any
lighting inconsistencies and / or faulty installation
● Our Makeover Winner will be notified on December 22, 2021
● A review of the winning property will be scheduled with Lights Over Atlanta’s designer (in
person) to verify the property matches the entry photos along with all rules &
● If your home is chosen for the Makeover and upon our arrival we find the products and
installation are not commercial / manufacturer grade your home will be disqualified. The
runner up will then be reviewed and chosen for the Makeover

● The chosen homeowner will be announced Dec 30, 2021on social media, LinkedIn and Lights
Over Atlanta’s website. ​
●  Only the homeowner’s first name, last initial and home photo will be used to announce the chosen Makeover. No personal information or address will be shared on any platform or social media, etc.
● The chosen homeowner will schedule the Makeover with Lights Over Atlanta. A basic
contract agreement to confirm the makeover’s new design will be reviewed, approved
and signed
● The chosen homeowner will agree to allow Lights Over Atlanta to use before and after
photos, a video interview (regarding the home’s makeover) and understands these will
be shared on social media platforms, LinkedIn, and our website
● All road signs and addressed mailboxes will be avoided in photos or video
● Only commercial lighting / manufacturer grade systems are qualified to enter
● *Reminder* Jan 1, 2021 - Dec 20, 2021 is when your home’s current exterior lighting
system must have been installed.

Why A Makeover?

1. Our Lighting Makeover is a reminder to research, examine and get detailed answers
prior to products being installed. If they do not appear to match what you originally
wanted, anticipated or requested, call a lighting specialist.

2. Always compare apples to apples and be wary if they appear - not alike.

3. A cheaper bid can result in products being installed without permanent burial of wiring
and products may not perform equal to a higher-end system, with multiple functions and

4. Locate an exterior lighting designer who specializes solely in exterior lighting and is
qualified to install your system