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Commerical Outdoor Lighting Installed at CK Dance by Lights Over Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia

Commercial Case Study

CK Dance

When a client contacts us with a request for outdoor lighting, we immediately start our research to find out what the client wants from the design.


We were interested in learning more about what CK Dance aimed to achieve with their lighting system because every client is distinct and every objective is different.

The Vision

We had previously worked on their holiday display, but they wanted something permanent that would provide their building enough light and a little flair

with color-changing lights.


We went back and forth until we settled on the ideal design for their goals and price range.


We decided that up-lighting would be the key design element and that the property would benefit from having some appropriate accent lights on the front of the building to offer even more color and drama.

Starting Out

Our installers started the project by finding the electricity and setting up the lines.


In order to create a stunning and inconspicuous design, we then dug trenches to install the electricity lines beneath.