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Three Techniques for Tree Lighting

Posted on March 23, 2018 at 10:30 AM

Tree lighting is a key component to any outdoor lighting design. Statement tree lighting can add depth and interest to the overall design. We use three main tree lighting techniques that we apply frequently: spotlighting, moonlighting and shadowing.

Spotlighting is the most frequently used tree lighting technique. Take a look at the trees in the above picture. The trees are 400 feet away from the property and you can see how close they look to the eye, but without spotlighting they would fade into darkness when the sun goes down. When using spotlighting, fixtures are installed at the base of the tree and are pointed upwards. By installing the lights at ground level, the light is able to illuminate the tree branches and the trunk.

Moonlighting is a more subtle tree lighting technique. The effect we want to create with moonlighting is to mirror the effects of light from the moon. The fixtures are installed high in the branches of the trees in a downward position. The light isn’t as strong down the trunk of the tree and casts beautiful shadows on the ground. Moonlighting is a great technique to use in a cozy outdoor setting.

Shadowing is the final tree lighting technique. It is about the tree, but also about the shadow that the tree creates. Shadowing is often utilized when the tree is in front of a wall or home and it adds depth and texture. The outdoor lighting fixtures are placed in front of the tree and are cast at an angle to place the shadow in the desired location.

When working with your outdoor lighting company, make sure to point out any tree(s) that you would like to light. We will work with you to highlight the tree(s) in just the right way.

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